What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is the name that describes several resin compounds,one of which was first patented in 1934 in Germany by Paul Schlack. Today it’s used for coatings,adhesives,molds,models,laminates,castings fixtures,composites and more. It replaces metals,wood and other materials traditionally used in manufacturing,making production more efficient and cost effective.

In production industries,epoxies are attractive because of its many useful qualities,including its strength,its strong adhesive properties,it’s heat resistance,and it insulates electricity. But Epoxy can also be tweaked to become heat or electrical conductors instead of insulators.

Epoxy countertops are attractive to the consumer because …

Sage Epoxy is 5 times harder than concrete. It is also UV resistant,so the colors you choose won’t fade from the sunbeams coming through your windows. It is seamless and non-porous,making it easier to keep clean. And finally,it is eco-friendly—no toxins,no odors. So,it’s safe around food and children.

However,the fact that Sage Epoxy is customizable and unique may be the number one attraction. I don’t just mean that Epoxy is different from other surfaces,I mean each surface is unique. Or better said,no two surfaces are alike. Sage Epoxy is a blend of your own creative mind,your applicator artist and the artistic qualities inherent in the epoxy itself. You choose the colors,and the basic look,then the artist and the epoxy do their thing. Epoxy countertops can be made to look three dimensional,to look gloss or dull,and to match the styles and colors of its environment.

SageTraxx epoxy is the ultimate outdoor surfacing solution.

Got stains and cracks in your driveway or patio? Are the kids slipping and falling on the wet concrete around your swimming pool? Sage Traxx is your esthetic and safety answer for both issues.

Concrete does not lend itself to repair layers unless the layer is SageTrax. This amazing resin is an efficient way to cover old,worn concrete without having to remove it—and no expansion joints needed. SageTraxx also provides traction,which is just what you need around pools and wet areas. It’s durable,as well as,resistant to weather,stains,salt and chemicals and its maintenance free. Finally,it comes in a variety of decorative colors.

If you need a new countertop and you want it to be unique,or if your concrete is starting to look worn with weeds growing in the cracks,if you need more traction around your pool,then why not call Sage Epoxy for a free estimate. Call 303-578-7054 or hit the “Contact “ tab up above and scroll down for an online email to us.

Gas Fireplace Problem

For $165 plus parts (if needed) we run through a checklist to clean,adjust,and service your gas fireplace. Our service is warrantied for 90 days –meaning we’ll return for free if the same problem arises. All parts come with a one year warranty.

Have a second fireplace in your home? Cleaning and servicing additional fireplaces is just $120.

Our technicians will arrive sometime during the 2 hour appointment window. The repair typically takes 45 minutes to an hour.

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Commercial Door Installation or Repair

We charge $190 for the first hour of service and $95 for each additional hour. Most repairs can be completed in one hour.

Free estimates are provided for manual door systems and new automatic door systems.

Our technician will arrive during a 2 hour appointment window.

Would you like to schedule an onsite visit?.

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Furnace Certification or Cleaning Request

We charge $165 for a furnace certification and cleaning. Each additional furnace is just $120.

Looking for a furnace cleaning only? We charge $145 for a furnace cleaning and $125 for each additional furnace.

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Concrete Work (new concrete patio,driveway,sidewalk,etc.)

All concrete estimates are free. We will demo existing concrete and install new. We offer stamped,colored,aggregate,and regular concrete. All estimates expire in 30 days.

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Painting Service

All painting estimates are free. All estimates expire in 30 days.

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Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Estimates are free. All estimates expire in 30 days.

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Trim &Molding Installation

Estimates are free. All estimates expire in 30 days.

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Lawn Sprinkler Repair

2019 Sprinkler Service Pricing

Sprinkler System Activation/Start-up$90 up to 8 zones,additional zones $5 each + any parts and installation
Sprinkler System Tune-upservice call plus parts and labor @ $100/Hour
Sprinkler System RepairsService Call plus the repair activity shown below
Sprinkler System Winterization$90 up to eight zones,additional zones $5 each
Service Call

All repair visits include the service call charge plus the repair activity cost as shown below.
Replace pop-up spray head &nozzle$30
Replace rotor sprinkler head$45
Replace Maxi-Paw impact sprinkler head$75
Raise spray head$20
Replace Spray Nozzle$7
Replace Febco Backflow Parts$95
Replace Watts/Wilkins backflow parts$135
Replace backflow preventer$395
Replace RP double check backflow$600
Replace backflow testcock$25
Replace ball valve$175
Cooper Repair,Break in Pipe$150
Rebuild manifold assembly 4 valves or less.$600
Each additional manifold Valve$100
Replace one control valve$300
Each additional replaced control valve$100
Replace control valve parts$75
Replace control valve solenoid$75
Diagnose Electrical Issues$100/hour
Locate valve box,minimum 1 hour$100/hour
4 station control clock with installation$225
6 station control clock with installation$250
8 station control clock with installation$275
12 station control clock with installation$475
Wi-Fi module for control clock with installation and programming$175
Rain sensor for control clock with installation$175
Cap A Sprinkler Head$30
Install micro spray stake &nozzle$15
Install micro spray nozzle$2
Repair plastic pipe leak$100/hour + parts

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Epoxy Overlay Estimate

We provide free estimates for outdoor and indoor epoxy overlay estimates.

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