SAGE SOLUTIONS Inc offers multiple seasonal services. Policies may vary depending on the service provided. This page attempts to outline our various policies. Please click on the arrow beside the word “details” to read the policies that specifically apply to that service.


Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 to 5:00.


Emergency services are available upon request. After-hour rates will apply; hence, it’s ideal to wait until normal business hours if it can wait.


SAGE SOLUTIONS Inc is fully licensed and insured.

Concrete Services


A 50% deposit is required to be placed on our concrete schedule. The remainder is due upon completion.


We will follow best practices when completing your concrete project. Many factors outside of our control can impact the final result such as ground shifting, chemicals, salt, wind, heat, cold, moisture, etc. We will do our best to mitigate the risk of the aforementioned items. We will replace any slab or portion of slab that develops a 1/4″ wide crack within the first year. To date, this has never happened.

Commercial Door Installation and Repair

Billing Rates

Free estimates are provided for new installations, as well as repairs to manual doors within the Denver metro area. All automatic door repairs are treated as service calls, which means it is billable.

  • We charge $190 per service call, which includes the first hour of service.
  • Each additional hour is billed at $95 per hour.
  • If you accept an estimate for over $2000, a 50% deposit is required for us to order the materials. The job will be scheduled as soon as the materials are received.

Parts: Parts carry the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Higher quality parts will have a longer warranty and lower quality parts have a shorter warranty. Generally, most parts have at least a one-year warranty. In some instances, parts come with a life-time warranty.

Labor: Labor is warrantied for 90 days.

Sprinkler Repair


SageSolutions charges $90 for traveling to your location and for up to one hour of service. Most repairs can be made within that time. If the repair requires more than an hour, for example if there is an underground leak and we have to look for it, we will charge $80 for each additional hour. We will proceed upon your approval. A future return trip for any reason will be subject to another $90 trip fee.

Furnace Repair, Certification and Cleaning

Service Area

We service the Denver metro area from Boulder and Brighton on the north to Castle Rock and Elizabeth on the south, from Evergreen on the west to Watkins on the east.

Billing Rates
  • Furnace: certify and clean – $165
  • Furnace: clean only – $145, and $125 for each additional furnace
  • Boiler: clean and certify – $185
  • Air Conditioner: clean and check – $145

Gas Fireplace Repair and Cleaning

Service Area

Our service territory includes Colorado Springs to Longmont. Our main focus is the Denver metro area.

Billing Rates
  • Our service charge for the first fireplace – $165 plus parts
  • Each additional fireplace in the same home on the same visit – $120 plus parts

We will return without charging the $165 service fee again if the fireplace stops working within 90 days of our initial visit. If parts are deemed to be needed, you will be charged the cost of the part and labor to install it upon approval.

We schedule appointments in 2 hour windows. You may cancel the appointment at any time without penalty up until the 2-hour window. If nobody is home during the 2-hour window, you will be assessed an $85 “no show” fee.

During the process, we attempt to clean the glass. The pressure applied might be just enough to cause the glass to break due to a weakened/aged state. In this event, we will replace the glass at our cost. Please request us not to clean the glass if you would like to avoid this risk. Breakage is very rare; however, it is worth noting.

Note: Cleaning means we service the mechanical parts of the fireplace. That being said, we do attempt to clean the glass. The technician will also attempt to vacuum out the cabinet to some degree.


Gas Fireplace Problem

For $185* plus parts (if needed) we run through a checklist to clean, adjust, and service your gas fireplace. Our service is warrantied for 90 days – meaning we’ll return for free if the same problem arises. All parts come with a one year warranty.

Have a second fireplace in your home?  Cleaning and servicing additional fireplaces is just $165.

* $185 January through September. $215 October through December. 

Our technicians will arrive sometime during the 2 hour appointment window. The repair typically takes 45 minutes to an hour.

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Furnace Certification or Cleaning Request

We charge $185 for a furnace certification and cleaning. 

Looking for a furnace cleaning only? We charge $165 for a furnace cleaning.

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Concrete Work (new concrete patio, driveway, sidewalk, etc.)

All concrete estimates are free. We will demo existing concrete and install new. We offer stamped, colored, aggregate, and regular concrete. All estimates expire in 30 days.

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Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Our Service: You may call or complete our online form to request an appointment. We are available to take your call Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. If we are on another call and you leave a message, we will quickly return  your call. Our service technicians work from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday and sometimes Sunday. We will book a 2-hour arrival window. After the repairs are completed, we invite you to physically observe that everything we did meets your expectations. If satisfied, the technician will create the invoice on site and then collect payment. We accept cash, check, or a payment via credit card. Click this link to see and understand our pricing.

After We Leave: You will have already verified that everything is operating as it should; however, that does not mean you can forget about your lawn, trees, and bushes. Like any mechanical system, problems can arise unexpectedly or things can be missed. As such, it is imperative that someone monitor the health of the lawn, trees, and bushes after we leave. If you observe stress in any of the aforementioned items, you should begin hand watering and then call us to schedule another appointment.

Warranty: We will warranty all parts against poor workmanship or manufacturing defect that we install up until the first freeze. We do not warranty your grass, bushes, trees or any living thing.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to physically inspect their vegetation periodically and to identify any problems. As the summer goes on, you will likely notice that some areas of your lawn will begin to need more water. Please be sure the technician shows you how to make changes to your programmed settings. If you are not comfortable making changes, you are welcomed to call us for another service call. It is just important to remember that we do not live on the property and that we cannot know if there is a new or existing problem after we leave. This is why it is so important that the home owner study the health of their vegetation to ensure all is good. Manually testing the system periodically during the day is an excellent idea, too. This will help you identify problems before they become serious.

Sometimes leaks in a system can manifest themselves in different ways. For example, a leaky manifold right next to the home can in rare cases send water into the basement. It is the homeowners responsibility to notice problems like this in a timely manner before extensive damage occurs. This can be done by periodically inspecting the manifold box and/or basement. If we are found to be at fault, we will refund up to everything that was paid for the service.

Drip Systems: It’s pretty easy to identify a zone in your lawn not working. When manually testing your system, you can physically observe that heads are popping up and that the spray pattern is appropriate. Monitoring the drip system isn’t quite as easy. Generally, you can confirm that it is going on if you hear air being pushed out emitters and by also finding a few emitters and confirming that water is being pushed out. That being said, it would be very difficult for us or anyone to confirm that every emitter is performing correctly. Typically, there are 3-4 emitters per tree and it is above the soil and below the landscaping fabric and rocks or wood chips. As such, easily getting to and inspecting them all would be very difficult and time consuming. That being said, we are happy to do this if you want to pay for this type of service. We would charge $90/hr.

High Water Bills: Quite often we are called out after a customer receives an unusually high water bill. We are quite good at finding and fixing this type of problem. That being said, please don’t wait until your next water bill to ensure we nailed it. A typical lawn on a hot day needs 125 gallons per every 1,000 square feet. Other sources state the lawn needs around .6 gallons per square foot. A typical lawn, will use about 2,000 gallons on a watering day. So, have the technician show you your water meter, which is normally rounded to the nearest thousand. Make note of the reading in the evening and then check it again in the morning after your lawn has been watered. If you used 5,000 gallons when we were expecting only 2,000 gallons to be used, we still have a problem. In this case, we will come back and search for additional possible problems. Since we do not live on the property, in no case can we take responsibility for your water bill. Please work with the technician to enable you to quickly determine if all is well after we leave. As a side note, we typically resolve problems like this on our first attempt.

Winterization: Hundreds and perhaps thousands of customers use our service to winterize their sprinkler system each year. Our process to winterize your sprinkler system entails utilizing a gas powered air compressor to push all the water out each zone and to the bleed valve at the basement shut-off valve. We invite you to physically observe this procedure of removing all the water from your system. In rare cases, people will find freeze damage to their system in the Spring. This can occur if someone inadvertently turns on the water to your sprinkler system during the winter or if the main shut-off to your sprinkler system has a very slow leak. The latter problem can refill your system over several months assuming it is a slow leak. The best way to detect this type of problem is to periodically inspect bleed-valves on your back-flow throughout the winter. There should be no sign of water after our winterization process.

Our Appointment: In peak months (April/May/June) customers often have to wait 2-3 weeks for us to arrive. Upon arrival, we don’t know if the job will take 30 minutes or four hours. Our goal is to arrive early in the 2-hour arrival window and leave before the arrival window is closed. Unfortunately, sometimes the job takes much longer, which can then cause us to need to reschedule subsequent appointments. In general, we like to try and finish what we started. To minimize the impact on other customers we do our best to save some windows each week in the event a customer needs to be rescheduled. We know that nobody wants to be rescheduled, so we do our best to prevent this from happening.

2021 Sprinkler Service Pricing

Sprinkler System Activation/Start-up$125 up to 8 zones, additional zones $5 each + any parts and installation
Sprinkler System Tune-upservice call plus parts and labor @ $90/Hour
Sprinkler System RepairsService Call plus the repair activity shown below
Sprinkler System Winterization$90 up to eight zones, additional zones $5 each
Service Call

All repair visits include the service call charge plus the repair activity cost as shown below.
Replace pop-up spray head & nozzle$30
Replace rotor sprinkler head$45
Replace Maxi-Paw impact sprinkler head$75
Raise or straighten a spray head$12
Replace Spray Nozzle$7
Replace Febco Backflow Parts$95
Replace Watts/Wilkins backflow parts$135
Replace backflow preventer$395
Replace RP double check backflow$750
Replace backflow testcock$25
Replace ball valve$195
Cooper Repair, Break in Pipe$175
Rebuild manifold assembly 4 valves or less.$750
Each additional manifold Valve$100
Replace one control valve$300
Each additional replaced control valve$100
Replace control valve parts$80
Replace control valve solenoid$75
Diagnose Electrical Issues$90/hour
Locate valve box, minimum 1 hour$90/hour
4 station control clock with installation$225
6 station control clock with installation$250
8 station control clock with installation$275
12 station control clock with installation$475
Wi-Fi module for control clock with installation and programming$175
Rain sensor for control clock with installation$175
Cap A Sprinkler Head$30
Repair plastic pipe leak$90/hour + parts
Install micro spray nozzle. $2
Repair plastic pipe leak$90/hour + parts

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