When should I have my furnace inspected?

Some professionals believe it is safest to have your furnace inspected bi-annually (twice a year). Others think annually (every year) is good, and still others say that for the first 10 years, it’s acceptable to have it inspected biennially (every other year). The government website on carbon monoxide poisoning recommends an inspection by a qualified technician annually (https://www.cdc.gov/co/faqs.htm). Despite this, many people don’t have their furnaces inspected at all until they sell their homes and are required to do so by the buyer.

What are the risks taken when a furnace isn’t cleaned and inspected regularly?

  1. The first and foremost risk is your family members’ health and, potentially, their lives.

Furnaces create gases. The most dangerous of these is carbon monoxide (CO), which is sometimes referred to as “the silent killer”. It’s produced when the fuel burns. If the furnace’s heat exchanger should be cracked, CO is released into the air. Besides being poisonous, CO is colorless and odorless, making it hard to detect without a CO meter or alarm.

Symptoms of CO are similar to flu symptoms, another reason it isn’t easily detected. You may experience headaches, vomiting, weakness, chest pain, dizziness, and confusion. High levels of CO leaking into your home will result in fainting and even death. Especially vulnerable are infants, the elderly and people with chronic disease, such as heart disease, anemia and breathing issues.

Furnaces may also emit carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and soot. Furthermore, clogged filters allow dust particles, which can trigger sinus congestions and allergic reactions to mold, pollen, dust mites and other airborne issues, into your home.

If your family seems sick, and you haven’t had your furnace checked, don’t hesitate to call an HVAC specialist and ask to have your furnace cleaned and certified.

  1. Then there is the health of your furnace.

HVAC experts agree that 75% of repairs could have been avoided if the furnaces had been properly serviced. Dirty furnace parts can shorten the life of the vital parts of your furnace. For this reason, most furnace manufacturers require regular maintenance as a condition for their warranty

  1. Finally, there is your furnace efficiency.

A long lifespan for your furnace means money in your pocket, and so does efficiency. A dirty furnace cannot produce heat efficiently; neither can a furnace with broken parts. If, for example, your blower wheel is broken, your furnace is handicapped and not heating your home as it should. This causes unstable temperatures in your home and results in higher power bills.

While furnaces tend to make noises, if you hear noises that is unusual, like scraping, popping, or squealing noises, chances are something is threatening your pocketbook. If you furnace is in the crawlspace of your home, however, you may not hear the noises. Winter is no time to have your furnace go out. Broken pipes due to freezing can cost a small fortune. It’s best, then, to have your furnace cleaned and certified annually–well before the winter rush.

Gas Fireplace Problem

For $185* plus parts (if needed) we run through a checklist to clean, adjust, and service your gas fireplace. Our service is warrantied for 90 days – meaning we’ll return for free if the same problem arises. All parts come with a one year warranty.

Have a second fireplace in your home?  Cleaning and servicing additional fireplaces is just $135.

* $185 January through September. $215 October through December. 

Our technicians will arrive sometime during the 2 hour appointment window. The repair typically takes 45 minutes to an hour.

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Furnace Certification or Cleaning Request

We charge $165 for a furnace certification and cleaning. Each additional furnace is just $120.

Looking for a furnace cleaning only? We charge $145 for a furnace cleaning and $125 for each additional furnace.

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Concrete Work (new concrete patio, driveway, sidewalk, etc.)

All concrete estimates are free. We will demo existing concrete and install new. We offer stamped, colored, aggregate, and regular concrete. All estimates expire in 30 days.

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Lawn Sprinkler Repair

2019 Sprinkler Service Pricing

Sprinkler System Activation/Start-up$125 up to 8 zones, additional zones $5 each + any parts and installation
Sprinkler System Tune-upservice call plus parts and labor @ $90/Hour
Sprinkler System RepairsService Call plus the repair activity shown below
Sprinkler System Winterization$90 up to eight zones, additional zones $5 each
Service Call

All repair visits include the service call charge plus the repair activity cost as shown below.
Replace pop-up spray head & nozzle$30
Replace rotor sprinkler head$45
Replace Maxi-Paw impact sprinkler head$75
Raise or straighten a spray head$12
Replace Spray Nozzle$7
Replace Febco Backflow Parts$95
Replace Watts/Wilkins backflow parts$135
Replace backflow preventer$395
Replace RP double check backflow$750
Replace backflow testcock$25
Replace ball valve$195
Cooper Repair, Break in Pipe$175
Rebuild manifold assembly 4 valves or less.$750
Each additional manifold Valve$100
Replace one control valve$300
Each additional replaced control valve$100
Replace control valve parts$80
Replace control valve solenoid$75
Diagnose Electrical Issues$90/hour
Locate valve box, minimum 1 hour$90/hour
4 station control clock with installation$225
6 station control clock with installation$250
8 station control clock with installation$275
12 station control clock with installation$475
Wi-Fi module for control clock with installation and programming$175
Rain sensor for control clock with installation$175
Cap A Sprinkler Head$30
Repair plastic pipe leak$90/hour + parts
Install micro spray nozzle. $2
Repair plastic pipe leak$90/hour + parts

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